Sunday, February 6, 2011


Payton sporting his Clay Matthews look- (looks like Clay had some highlights and maybe some extensions put in?:)?

So, you can't live in Wisconsin (just 35 miles from Green Bay) and not be:

Prepared with food for 40 when you are only having 4 other people over
Anxiously anticipating the Green and Gold to take the SUPER BOWL field at 5:30pm
Cautiously optimistic that the team from Green Bay will dominate tonight's game
Kind of in disbelief that the #6 seeded team is in the big game, but having no doubt they will make it a good one
Excited beyond belief that your favorite team in the world is playing in the biggest game EVER!
Resting, and relaxing your voice all day long so you can yell, scream and cheer in victory tonight!
Spending the game with the people you love - realizing that it is all just a game- pure entertainment and nothing more.

Enjoy the game! GO PACKERS!!!!