Saturday, February 12, 2011


MY GOODNESS! Can't believe we will be on a plane in just 5 short days! It really is quite amazing how long this process takes, yet when it comes down to the final days to leave, it really is going fast. We've been trying to stay busy though. The kids had off school yesterday and Thursday, which was such a blessing to have that extra time with them before we leave. We visited with some good friends, Auntie Kara and cousins and had lots of fun.

Now, the packing begins. We were so blessed by our church congregation with lots and lots of donations to take with us to Hannah's Hope- I'm guessing 3 to 4 of the Rubbermaid 22 gallon totes full! We were also blessed with generous monetary donations, which we will use to help cover the cost of shipping if need and to purchase more donations when we go on our second trip, things that the orphanages really need. Yesterday I picked up 20 pounds of organic flaxseed and 4 bottles of flaxseed oil, as that is a great need. So happy to be bringing nourishment to the sweet children of Hannah's Hope.

Just to give you an idea of our schedule, here's what it looks like from what I can gather:

We will arrive later on Friday evening, (Ethiopia time 9pm, our time 12pm). So while we will feel like having lunch, it will actually be bed time. Hopefully, we will be able to get some sleep!

Saturday: We will be picked up to go to Hannah’s Hope to meet with the Director for orientation about the court appointment. We will also have the opportunity to ask questions and meet our Amanuel and all the other precious children!

Sunday: 9:30 AM: We will be picked up to go to Hannah’s Hope for questions, answers, and time to spend with the children.

Monday: • 8:30 AM: We will be picked up by Haile (Case Processor) and Wass (HH driver) and head to the court directly. We could be at Court until about noon- hopefully leaving with very good news that Amanuel is ours!
• Once we are through with the court appointment, we will head out for lunch at Makush, an Italian restaurant (YUMMY). This is also an art gallery and we will have the opportunity to purchase art.
• After lunch, head out for a brief shopping trip - YAY! - Although what women likes the phrase "BRIEF shopping trip????"
• Around 4-5 pm, we will be dropped off at our hotel for dinner and the rest of the

Tuesday:• 10:00 AM: Wass (our driver) will pick us up to come to Hannah’s Hope for our last visit. We will be able to spend more time with Amanuel and the other children and ask any other questions.
• 12:30 PM: Head back to the hotel.
**Nothing planned during this time- so we might try to get in some more shopping if possible - can't sit in the hotel room for 7 hours!**
• 7:00 PM: Be picked up from our hotel and head out for dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. This will be a great time to experience traditional Ethiopian food, as well as singing and dancing from the different regions. **Can't wait for this experience- planning to take lots of pictures and video here too!**

10:00 PM: Time to go. Sad to leave. Hope to be back VERY SOON!!!!


  1. You're going to LOVE it! So excited for you!

  2. I am so excited for you!!! Oh how I wish I was going back with you!!!! You are going to love it. Be sure to bring lots of little snacks for yourself too (and drink tons of water!). I look forward to following your journey and hope we can meet some time soon!
    I'll be praying for you!!! :)

  3. I read your comment left on Deena's blog and wanted to wish you the best of travels and transition as you prepare to go meet your son. I love hearing of families finding their little ones!! Adoption is truly a miracle.