Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Prayer Jar

I love blog world. I find so many neat ideas from other faith-filled moms! This one came from another family who is also adopting through AGCI. The kids and I ( mostly the kids) made our first Prayer Jar yesterday. Now we need to use it. My plan is for the kids, and Jon and I too, to write down people and things we want to pray for and then choose one time during the day, either supper or bedtime to pray the requests.

As a family we have been much better at bringing our requests to the Lord over the last couple of years. This is just a way to remind us daily and have some fun in the process! If you can't read it on the picture it says" the JOY of Family Prayer. We used a plastic peanut butter jar, cut-up tissue paper, clear glue and letters cut out from magazines- simple and fun!

Any prayer requests we could add to our new jar?


  1. Hello from another AGCI family. Looks like have the same home study agency and social worker too. :) Enjoy the journey!


  2. Neat idea, Heather. Thanks for sharing! Are you following along on the Peters family journey who just arrived in Ethiopia to pick up their siblings? So cool to realize we will be doing the same thing in the not too distant future!

  3. Hey! Your jar looks great! Hope your family enjoys seeing all the answered prayers!

  4. Thanks Cristie- that idea came from your blog! I am so glad you posted here b/c I couldn't remember where I had seen the idea- just knew that I loved it. Thanks for sharing with us!