Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love Languages

My hubby and I are pretty lucky in that we both know that gift giving is not either of our "love languages". So for Valentines Day there was no candy, no cards, no gifts. And honestly, we are both SO ok with that.

But, we did get to go out the night before for an incredible dinner, we ordered and shared our FIRST bottle of wine ( mom and Kara- you'd be proud)and then hung out with some friends and listened to some live music - still home by 10:30. (Thanks Mom D. for hanging with the kids and bringing the yummy supper for them!)

Anyway, I am so thankful that early on, we established what really makes us feel loved. I believe it is so important in a marriage to love as your spouse wants to be loved, not they way we think they want to be loved, or selfishly the way we want to love them. Any time my man picks up his dirty socks, unloads the dishwasher or makes the bed, I feel the love BIG TIME. For any of you that know Jon well, you can guess his love language, need I go further?

So- love your spouse the way Christ loves us, unconditionally, and without parameters, even when they don't necessarily "deserve" it.

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