Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Dandy Lions"

Amani's new word of the week is dandelions. Although to him, it's two words - "Dandy Lions". I love how God can use a bunch of useless weeds to bring joy to a small child's face. He loves that he can locate them, pick them and then through them in the air- all without mom telling him no!
Jon and I took him shopping with us on Tuesday and a good part of the 1/2 hour ride he had to point out every time saw one. I always loved this stage with our other kids, when they would learn new words and then want to use them over and over. Amani is coming into it about 2 years later than the others, because of the language barrier, but he is doing fantastic. He has all but given up his Amharic (other than a few words which we are pretty sure are either curse words or just not very nice ones because he says them when he is angry) and therefore speaking in English most of the time. It's truly amazing how much he has learned in just 8 short weeks with us!

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