Saturday, April 9, 2011

How is Amani doing?

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. This momma doesn't spend much time on the computer anymore, so that makes keeping up a blog a difficult task. I still have so much to post about our ET trips, but wanted to share a bit about Amani that we've experienced during the last three weeks. I'm sure many are wondering, just how is it really going with Amani? I hate to say it, because I am afraid I might jinx it, but he is doing AMAZING! Before reading, please understand that I am not naive, I do know that things can't stay this good forever - we understand we are in the "honeymoon" phase. But for right now, we are praising God and giving thanks for the wonderful 3 weeks we've had so far!

He falls asleep for his daily one hour nap in 5-10 minutes

He goes to bed singing 'Jesus Loves Me' and sleeps for 9-10 hours without waking up- thank you Lord!

He eats almost anything we give him even fried onions- not picky AT ALL!

He reminds us to pray at meal time if we get ahead of ourselves and loves to end the prayer with the loudest AMEN ever

He is a great helper around the house- FOR. REAL. - sweeping, picking up his dirty clothes, cleaning up his toys, wiping down the bathroom counter, shoveling snow- all on his own, no prompting- makes us think about what his life was like in Ethiopia - likely lots of manual labor at age 3

He loves to entertain and makes us all laugh til it hurts - singing, dancing, funny facial expressions, dressing up in his sister's princess costumes (daddy isn't too fond of that one)

We went out for pizza a few nights ago for daddy's birthday and he did awesome, sitting still, eating as much as or more than the girls - our first dinner out as a family!

He is a fanatic about "makinas" or cars- he will just randomly start talking about makinas all the time - popping them into any conversation we might be having.

He is crazy about bath time and loves pouring water over his head - I can only imagine what a luxury it is for him to have clean bath water.

one week ago he was deathly afraid out our 15lb dog. Today he says "Amani's doggie", very matter of factly, as in- "this is my dog now - stay away!"

When he gets excited, he tells us the same story over and over in Amharic with actions and sound effects, it's so cute. You know what he is telling you because you have just witnessed it, but don't understand any of the verbal language

He gives lots of hugs and "I lub you's"

Poor kid has had the chicken pox and a nasty bacterial infection so he's had to have shots and lots of blood drawn and has been such a trooper. He takes his medicine twice a day without argument, even though he doesn't like it.

He gets SO excited when a "new" bag of hand-me-down clothing hits the family room floor. A few nights ago, after putting on his pajamas, he put on a pair of snowpants he found in the bag, ran and got his boots and was ready to go outside! After that, he found a belt and a pair of underwear - took off his pjs and his pull-up, put the undies on and was ready for the belt- but couldn't figure out where the undie belt loops were??? SO cute.

He is attaching to us. Those are the greatest words ever to an adoptive parent. He is very shy and hesitant with strangers, very comfortable with being held and hugged/ kissed by us and his brother and sisters, and looks to mommy and daddy for comfort when he has an owie or is sad.

He has shown us true love by trusting us, having faith we will care for him, and is mostly compliant, even when we ask him to do something he doesn't want to.

That last one has really made me think about our love for Jesus. Do we always trust that he has our best interest at heart? Do we have faith that he will care for us in all circumstances and will work even the most difficult situations for our good? Do we obey with glad hearts when God calls us to give, serve, help, sacrifice, love? Sadly, I have to answer no to all 3 of those questions. I don't always trust, act or obey.

But, if we hadn't trusted, acted on faith and obeyed when God called us to adopt, we'd have missed out on our Amani - an amazing blessing from the Lord. We praise God and thank him for being faithful in answering our prayers and bringing us our beautiful son. To Him be the glory!!

What is God asking you to do? Pray, study his Word and ask, and he will answer. Then watch, listen, and get ready to obey!


  1. Amazing news - pictures please! =)

  2. This brings tears to my eyes to hear it all even though we got to witness Amani's awesomeness just a week or so ago. That's awesome that he is progressing with the dog so fast. He is doing so good. He is just so adorable.