Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrating the Season

OK, is anyone else telling themselves, I need to slow down....., I need to take more time to reflect on the season......, I'm trying to savor every minute, but it's going too fast, ! While all that is true, with the days going by so fast, it does bring us one day closer to our Amanuel, so honestly, my feelings are mixed. This year I really feel like time is getting away from me. My firstborn is 10 1/2 years old already, and my girls almost 9 and almost 7. To try and spend some "quality" time together on Sunday, we made Time Capsule Ornaments. My blogger friend Amy gave me this idea and I think it is awesome, so we tried it. It wasn't without some trial and error, but they turned out really neat.

Some of the other things we've done this December, other than of course receiving the great news that Amanuel will be joining us this spring: we participated in the local Christmas parade on 12/3 and had dinner that night with our dear friends to celebrate our referral. Some neat memories from that night were the the Choir from Waupaca - like 25 high schoolers singing to us while we ate, the kids and grown-ups too thought that was so neat. We were also able to share the news of Amanuel with many of our friends from church who were all so excited to hear of our news!
The next day we went to Wild Rose to cut down our own Christmas tree- an experience, one I'm not sure we will repeat. Lots of walking, carrying a heavy tree, complaining kids, and not dressed for the weather- looks like a fake tree will make it's way into the living room next year.
The day after that Jon and Payton went to the Packer game vs. the 49ers, they won 34 to something; MAJOR snowstorm on 12/11 foiled our plans to get together with some other great friends from out of town, but we were still able to attend a fun Christmas party with lots of friends from church; Christmas cookie decorating was canceled too, but we did reschedule for a day after school and had a fun, sprinkly time.

We also started the new tradition of wrapping up Christmas - themed books and letting the kids open one each night. I will buy a new book each year to add to the collection, right now we have about 10 books. This year I bought The Princess and the Kiss; Three Gifts of Christmas.

The kids had their Christmas program last night, Payton Ava both played pre-service music and did such a great job - mom and dad were so proud!

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