Sunday, March 21, 2010

An update

I know I haven't posted much lately about our actual adoption. Truth is, not much is happening. Believe it or not, I have been finished with all our of paperwork, home study and dossier since mid-February. Unfortunately, there was a major mistake made. I will not place blame, but we will now be waiting at least 8-10 weeks for our FBI print records to come back with a "you have no criminal history" stamp on it.

Frustrating yes, however we believe this is/was part of God's plan to lead us to the right 2 little boys who will be joining our family. Another major change that has taken place recently is that now Jon and I will need to travel to Ethiopia for the court proceedings, and will need to leave on rather short-notice w/in 1-3 weeks of learning of our court date. So, this momma will not be able to procrastinate in packing! If you didn't already know, Jon is not particularly fond of flying, (especially for 12 hours at a time), so this has been kind of unsettling for him. Please pray that God would remove some of his anxiety and would give him peace.

The biggest change is that when we come back from Ethiopia, we will not be able to bring our little guys with us. We will actually have to go back to get them. This just recently changed a few weeks ago. This of course was not something we had planned, but again, know it is part of God's plan for our family. Honestly, never in my dreams did I think I'd be going to Africa, let alone twice in just a couple of months! The reason for the change is that some families, after arriving in ET and meeting their child or children were choosing, for whatever reason, not to go through with the adoption. Because court had passed (without the parents being present), these children had already been adopted by this family. Ethiopia wants to prevent this from happening again, which is why two trips will now be required; both parents the first trip and at least one parent the second trip. I pray that Jon will be able to do both, if not, I will need a traveling companion or two for the second trip.

So now we wait. I am actually getting quite good at it. God is giving me the patience and peace of knowing that He is in control and all things will happen in His time. We would continue to ask for your prayers, support and encouragement during this very exciting time in our lives!

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